Podcasting Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to setup your own free podcast and add it to your myspace account.

Step 1. Setup

Prepare your video or music files in a supported format. Click Here for iTunes Tech info

Step 2. Create Free Account

Create an account with www.JustChannel.com No credicard or payment information will be collected, this is a 100% free service.

Step 3. Create Channel

Log in to your Justchannel.com account, under the Channel menu on the left side of the page you will see a link Create Channel, click this link. Once the create channel page loads you will need to select your channel type, audio or video. After choosing your channel type you will need to fill in the required channel information and click add. Now you have a podcast channel but you still need to add your media files as episodes.

Step 4. Add your Media

Now it is time to add your first episode to your podcast channel, In the episode menu on the left side of the page you will see a link Add New Episode, Click this link. Once the page loads you will see a simple form that collects the episode information. If you feed does not contain adult content such as nudity Justchannel.com is happy to host your content for your podcast, otherwise you can host your content on another server and provide a link to the content on the next page. Once you have added your information to the form you can select the option to upload your content or link to it on the next page, select your option and click add.


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